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We understand you might have many questions before beginning your BJJ journey .

Our frequently asked questions (FAQ) page helps us respond your questions more quickly and appropriately .

  1. Is Shield BJJ affiliated to IBJJF?

Yes!At Shield BJJ we proud ourselves in keeping our affiliation always updated with IBJJF what allows any student to have his own affiliation and compete on the major tournaments all over the world.

You can go to and check our team and coaches affiliation under the most important Brazilian Jiu Jitsu organization in the world!

 2. Does Shield BJJ graduate their students? Is that graduation recognized by IBJJF?

Yes and yes! At Shield BJJ we know how important it is to have your belt recognized by IBJJF and be able to compete at the biggest tournaments in the world.

We take the belt promotion very serious and we make sure all our students are ready to advance  a new step on their BJJ journey.

Every student is evaluated constantly in order to determine the best moment to get their promotion and make sure their new belt its the most appropriated for their level.

 3. When will i get my black belt?

This is a tricky one.

The truth is everybody is going to have a different pace.

Some will be able to attend every class and evolve quickly and some will need a little more time to master each belt.

Although graduating and getting the black belt is a big achievement it shouldn't be faced as the ultimate goal.

To learn the right way ,master the skills and have a great time at the mats matters way more and should be the reason why you challenge yourself every class at this amazing martial art.

 4. Do i have to use the team uniform?

Yes! Gis and rash guards are part of the uniform at any BJJ gym.

We developed a resistant yet comfortable uniform aligned with IBJJF parameters so you can feel and look great at the mats.

Having our logo on every student uniform gives us a sense of unity and make our team even stronger .

 5. Whats the Head Coach lineage in BJJ?

Ricardo Scalissi, coach Rato, was promoted to black belt by the hands of Jorge Luis Patino "Macaco" his professor since he was a white belt.

He got his black belt in 2006 what makes him a 4th degree black belt today.

His lineage goes up all the way to Mr. Helio Grace 

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